Wednesday, December 6, 2017

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Replica Cartier Sunglasses these are small things, although syphilis, although the drug is long, the infectious force is strong, but also better treatment. What really scared me at the time was the headache that began on July 6, and I don't know what caused it until I slept a day at home last weekend. That's what happens when you get infected, and you get a little bit of a panic. It's good, it's not good. Let's get back to business. One of the things I'm worried about these two days is that my boyfriend is depressed. I thought his depression might have been depressed, but I went to see him yesterday and found it was really depression. I was very distressed. You know, it's not because you don't love it, but you don't like it. And I think this breakup might have been a great shock to him. So I blame myself today. Today, of course, I'm not trying to say what his depression, I just want to say from the things I found a friend's question, might have said some problems before, again, I think we are not enough attention before.

Many people don't have friends with infected people in their real life, and friends who know them may only be limited to the Internet, and even they have no friends on the Internet. I remember some Cartier Sunglasses will let just confirmed friends registered weibo attention some of a friend, or set up a qq group, this is right, because in the early stages of the identity establishment, need to find the identity and belonging, to solve the isolated negative emotions. If you don't know what people in this world, when things when there is no way to solve, such as long distance travel there wasn't enough antiviral drugs, such as before the flood of Cartier Sunglasses and the hospital drug supply not enough, this is the way of an emergency. When you have something, you can exchange experiences or relieve your emotions. If everyone doesn't know, a person is burdened with infection and a daily dose of medication, it's scary. And I think not just to have a friend on the Internet, but also in real life there are one or two of me reliable trust of a friend, in key time can help, but after all, not everything can tell net friend. In psychology, this is called social support system, and when the system goes wrong, Fake Cartier Sunglasses UK a lot of emotions can become the ultimate psychological or mental problems.

Don't always compare yourself to the healthy. I do not deny that this comparison is a state of strict requirement for oneself, but we are different from the starting line, so there is no need to pressure ourselves. You can admit that he is vulnerable groups, when you are worse than his foundation was as good as he did, that is enough to prove you than his good, if done better than he that is more cow force, but if do not good enough, don't lose heart, because the starting point is different. It's a self-identification problem, and in the early stages of a diagnosis you have to be mentally building, you have to admit that you are an Cartier Sunglasses Replica-positive person, and then try again. And you have to identify with yourself as an Cartier Sunglasses Replica-positive person, and you're going through a lot more than the average person, and don't be so worldly.

Don't always regret your infection. Regret is confirmed that it is in the period of time, the article passed over it, don't mention, because your happiness is also a day, regret is also a day, Cheap Cartier Sunglasses Australia happy is far better than to regret, why not happy? Remorse does not make money. I felt a lot of negative emotions in the first half of the month, several times more complicated than remorse. But the lesson is over. Negative emotions just give you enough introspection to learn the lessons.

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