Tuesday, December 5, 2017

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Shortly before I talk about the one on the small blue, feeling very speculative, but he is a healthy person, and very afraid of ai, in the treatment of diseases such as Fake Dior Sunglasses/Dior Replica Sunglasses on this topic, both of us's attitude is very different. I understand a person about their fear of infectious disease, as well as by insecurity and produce a series of actions, and I know that it is difficult to make real change his attitude, so how about the feelings I continue, or whether to carry out has been hesitant. It was my first time to consider not the identity of the people themselves to tell to another person, I also on weibo to solicit the opinions of many people, including and former friends and know I infection status about this thing, they give me advice is NO. Good advice is contrary to the ear. So I turned it down. I don't know much about him, so I don't want to put myself in a dangerous position to expose my identity. After all, Dior Replica Sunglasses is still discriminated against in Dior Sunglasses.

My life has been filled with work, so there are few social activities, and even the former friends are rarely contacted. So there's little chance of finding friends. I used to make fun of myself on the micro blog. To be honest, as gay people, I desire a man than anyone can understand me, accompany me, but to calm down, I know better than anyone how limited the disease, the group how discrimination. I am not confident that I will meet someone who understands the situation and can relate to it. So there's a vicious cycle: only work, and then get sick. There are many people who say that I think too much, which may be the fate - everyone has their own characteristics, and the so-called success is also xiao he. But anyway, I think there's a person who fits my personality. The New Year, I'm looking forward to meet the person, Dior Sunglasses Replica and will try to strive for, and, more importantly, hope to return to a good physical condition, so you have the ability to face this thing to happen in a year.

I have been diagnosed for three years,Replica Dior Sunglasses and I have been taking medicine for almost a year. In August, the blood was collected and the cd4 was checked. It was 1095 and the ratio was 0.67. The effect of antiviral treatment is ideal. A lot of people ask me how to maintain the body, I think a half day also can't say what special method. Nothing but a normal routine and diet, and a good mood. I every day to ensure an average of eight hours of sleep at night, and basic finish eat medicine sleep at ten o 'clock, so also can have a good sleep - bracelet monitoring of deep sleep is generally in more than five hours - and a 1 hour nap. Besides, I have a good diet, and I have a good dinner. Living with my parents, they take care of my diet - I think it's a bit cheaper than most people. But to be honest, I didn't realize that my fourth quarter would be so high, because I was tired a few days before the blood test.

Actually I met about and work on the unpopular, and loss of investment losses, break up is helpless, and the old man was seriously ill rescue, but all these years, I can exercise a skill -, I won't let things affect my mood. Some might say that I am cold and unreasonable, but this method is forced. Because no one can stand on this Angle and think like a client, so if you really vent your emotions, many people will feel too exaggerated and uncomprehending. I know that I'm putting a lot of emotion into my subconscious, like a dam that's built up, and if one day it's going to break down that person. But a lot of things are like that, and it's probably growing up, maybe it's the solution, maybe one day with the passage of time and the development of things, the problem is no longer a problem. So if things don't work out, let's put them down and don't spend any time worrying about it. If it's really the case that Dior Replica Sunglasses is in front of the line, the rest of it is a small thing.

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