Wednesday, December 6, 2017

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I was a friend recently. On August 26, I realized my previous relationship is versace sunglasses, I have no way to help him when he was depressed what instead drag myself to go in, so I told him later still do ordinary friends. Then it passed. I didn't have time to react when things came down. On September 18, the first boyfriend took a friend on weibo. Several of our friends who chat together have been retweeted, so everyone half-jokingly told them to sign up for friends. So I went to tweet my friend. To be honest, I wasn't expecting anything. Because I thought the last two people's condition is very suitable, finally still have no choice to break up. It's too difficult to meet a more suitable person. And now with more and more micro bloggers, I feel more and more that this community is not as good as it was before. So it's more difficult to have friends. However, thanks to so many friends to help me forward, versace sunglasses uk and many people contacted me, I also met several people. But as I said earlier, I've been having a lot of trouble, and I've been carrying so much stuff that I don't think it's easy to accept a person. And I feel that I have repressed too much emotion, and it will make it difficult for others to enter my heart. And it's going to be a trend that makes it harder to fall in love. Maybe it's just like many men and women who get married to someone who is not really in love with them. Comrade does not need to marry again, fake versace sunglasses let alone the infected person, the sex is alone.

I find that many comrades' love is appropriate and together, not because of the feeling of heart. And in the process of personals and exchanges, we more show is a good side, so when life tend to be insipid, when more and more problems are exposed, the lack of support, two more do subtraction. The highest score of this love is in determining the relationship, and each subsequent change is a deduction. And every new look will build expectations on the previous experience, with more demands, but less space -- that's the instinct, if you can put it down, that's the ability. But that is the case with comrades, and now there is a limit.
Recently, things have been going on, not so good. On June 19, the muscles in the left cheek bones started intermittently. One or two days, two or three times, and then my ears ached, and I suspected that my ears were inflamed. My mom said on July 5, I start red dot on me, when I noticed a red spot on his arm in 6, look very much like syphilis, and does not itch, but palm arch is very clean, do not like syphilis rash again. After two days, the spot did not decrease, so I went to the hospital to do the test, the result is more a doubt. The test results were TPPA positive, RPR negative,replica versace sunglasses and the result was that I had syphilis and was cured. Can be the key problem, I don't know when the syphilis, after take medicine without any antibiotics, so there is no treatment process, if the infection is possible, versace sunglasses australia the cure is how to return a responsibility?

Moreover, if my RPR is negative, what is the spot on the body, syphilis in the second stage of syphilis, and the second phase of syphilis should be shown, should not be negative? And the other symptom of the paradox is that in the case of syphilis that I know of, it should be obvious. After asking two departments, the two doctors gave different diagnoses, and the dermatologist didn't think it was syphilis, but I didn't know what it was, so I could wait and see. The infection center believed it was syphilis,cheap versace sunglasses and recommended injections of penicillin. I suspected that the test was false, but in the end I made a compromise decision to eat doxycycline, a dead horse to live a doctor - there was nothing wrong with antibiotics for a few days anyway. As a result, in the third day of doxycycline, the stain disappeared. But because the treatment for syphilis was 15 days, the hospital gave only four days of medicine, so I'm now replacing it with amoxicillin. Take a week to see what the doctor is saying. After Mcm Backpack and condyloma, I didn't know when I was exposed to syphilis, which is a common venereal disease.

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