Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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I'm the daughter of Big Tits. Xiao San and her daughter are long nightmares. When I was studying abroad eight years ago, the three children had already divorced my parents. I gave up everything abroad and rushed back to Belt Store to stop the remarriage. I admit that I am not a weak class, but the three children have been kidnapped and cheated to do business with big money. They are scheming and tricky. Her daughter is a white rabbit in front of my dad, but behind me, I find someone to marry me. I admit that I am not a weak class, and the confrontation between them has continued for eight years. During the past eight years, I tried to return to the normal track of life. I have already married and returned to foreign countries. However, the daughters of the three children have become increasingly degraded. The 25-year-old has no diploma, no work, and a short history of drug abuse. Recently I have occasionally heard that she will enter a foreign university through my dad's relationship, but it can be a variety of tricks. I can choose to report her, but it will have a devastating blow to my relationship with Dad, but if I let her go, replica versace sunglasses why should I give her the chance to be whitewashed? My father and I have no economic dependence, just the family's perspective, hoping to have a good end

It seems that there is a movie outline in front of me. The characters are distinct and the relationship is novel. Generally, they stop at the Big Three and the Third World War. What is here is the “Rush” of the second and third generations. One is success. Bai Fumei, one of the female frenziers who wanted to cleanse white, launched a confrontation that lasted eight years because of the mother’s position to fight for enmity. Among these are the underworld elements, which are multinational in colour. The home field is switched between domestic and foreign countries, and the style is shaken between the upper and lower classes. I think it's definitely a big deal to shoot it out and look at all aspects. The oldest three played for the Beijing city ladies. Do you, Sun Hao or Zhao Wei play you right? The three daughters are embarrassed. When Zhou Xun was young, he could do it. Now Yang Mi cannot do it. Father feels very deep, and it must have Chen Daoming's elegant style. Grandma hides deeper, it seems that she has not shot anything yet, and his face has not been revealed. Which is too old to give a silhouette of the old opera will do.

After watching this movie, I was thinking that it would be better to get a man divorced sooner rather than later. When the children are divorced when they are adults, they are unable to control the situation. Because even if the spouse feels hurt and let go, the child will firmly obstruct remarriage in order to protect family property and inheritance rights. Just as you gave up everything abroad 8 years ago. Although you are not an old man and have no economic dependence on your father, you can see that the conditions of the original family are not bad. The father is either in the mall or has a place in officialdom. You do not want him to be combined with the three children who are very LOW, nor May he provide the upper class community with the daughter of the three. Discrimination against them comes from your defense of superiority. Regardless of whether they want to move their property or want to make connections, you will hate it.